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Alpha Project

Mapping the Genetic and Epigenetic Foundations of Psychological Development

All parents want their children to be happy, but what does that actually mean?

Join us in the first of its kind research project to find out!

In Israel, the Alpha project has officially launched.

We are a team of researchers from Israel's Reichman University in Herzliya and the Safed-based Ziv Hospital. We're initiating a new scientific project, the first of its type, in collaboration with some of Europe's most prestigious institutions: Our research aims to learn more about how our personalities and our children's personalities are developed.

Join us! We're currently seeking young couples to participate in our research.

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Members of the Alpha Community:

A family with a place to grow

The couples chosen for the study will have access to Alpha academy for young parents, which is an exclusive collection of writings and information curated by top tier experts and designed to guide young couples through the most critical stages of their lives: relationships, pregnancy, birth, and raising children and teens. In addition, participants will be given a monetary incentive for each meeting.

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Are you getting ready to have your first child? We're on the lookout for you!

The study will include a series of meetings in your house, beginning before your first pregnancy and continuing until your child reaches the age of 20. There, saliva samples will be taken, allowing us to map the human consciousness for the first time to understand better the variables and factors that influence consciousness and mind and how we and our offsprings become who we are.


The study of the interaction between our environment and our genes.

A new science called epigenetics has evolved to study how our DNA operates in recent years. Epigenetics studies how our environment influences our genetic code, determining how our unique traits operate. After epigenetics sparked a slew of medical discoveries, we'd like to take it a step further and use it to decipher the recipe that shapes human consciousness for the first time!

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Are you interested in taking part in Project Alpha?  

Please leave your details, and we'll get back to you


Blog posts on the world of Epigenetics 


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